SKY – HIGH Aluminium composite panel.

We are importer – distributor. Sheet aluminium composite quality branded SKY-HIGH ACP (Sky High). A sheet aluminium composite which is manufactured in standard. The modern equipment. The aluminium alloy material. Filling the plastic sandwiched between the plastic and the first-colour system used on the surface coated Aluminium Alloy By Location By Su. Colour system worldwide. In marketing the plant to produce sheet aluminium composite sent to dealers around the world, including Asian American bar. Europe and Africa.

Our company has confidence in the sheet aluminium composite SKY-HIGH ACP that will be suitable for use in construction. Building internal – external work done in advertising. Industrial furniture components. Of shelves. Drop table chair cabinet document information counters. Ability to be processed according to Continental. Sheet aluminium composite strength. Smooth, durable, colourful beauty. Environmentally friendly. Resistance to weather Resistant to acid and alkali chemical classes well. The sheet aluminium composite “SKY-HIGH ACP” will invent office. Or advertising. Your unique modern look. Eye with beauty. Uniquely.

Pass ISO9001 : 2000 Quality Control System Certification

ISO14001 : 2004 Environment Management System Certification

Environment building material product

AAA level reputation enterprise

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